no one's safe in illyria

Posted 2 years ago

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Anonymous asked:
are these bios male? We need some more boys up in this shit.

Sure, I’ll make some male bios, just for you.

Anonymous asked:
Ashley Rickards fc?

Sure! I’ll put her on the list for the next batch.

Anonymous asked:
I'm having trouble deciding between a male and a female character, what do you need more?

Right now? I know the Candice Accola FC would LOVE her Michael Trevino or Aaron Johnson! I think we do really need males, and if you play both, that’s fantastic!

Writing at least 5 bios before work. 

Any requests for FCs?

imjustindrews asked:
heres jaslene!

Everyone welcome Jaslene Gonzalez.

Posted 2 years ago
melanie-santos-deactivated20120 asked:
Here's Melanie!

Everyone welcome Melanie. 

Posted 2 years ago
mamacitahelps asked:
here's rachel~

Everyone welcome Rachel. 

Posted 2 years ago

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Anonymous asked:
Do you accept original characters?


Posted 2 years ago
mitchell-baker asked:
Here's Hayden.

Everyone welcome Hayden. 

Welcome to Illyria, Melanie!  

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